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Polish Professional Bicycle Wheel Manufactory

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Bicycle Wheel Manufactory | Online Bicycle Shop | Bicycle Service

Polish Professional Bicycle Wheel Manufactory

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Why SzobakBike?

Minimal or even no difference in tension between the spokes

Bestsellers – Gravel wheels


We have vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of the bicycle market in every segment: amateur, touring and professional.

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We are responding to the ever-growing market demand. Mass-produced bicycles have wheels that are too poor in quality for their price, causing users to often look for a better, new set of wheels after buying the bike. In our manufactory we avoid mass production and strive for maximum personalization of bicycle wheel sets for our customers.

“We build dedicated sets of bicycle wheels in our Rzeszow manufactory. It’s a tailor-made product and service that responds to the ever-growing demand of the bicycle market.”

– says Szczepan Szobak – founder of SzobakBike

Individual contact with the customer



We take great care to have individual contact with each of our clients. This allows us to listen to their needs and build fully personalized and dedicated sets of bicycle wheels.

Many years of experience in the market



We have serviced thousands and produced hundreds of customized bicycle wheel sets for our customers.

Best components and parts



We work with the best brands in the world. In the production of bicycle wheels we rely on parts that have been tried and tested for years.

Handmade and top quality



The custom bicycle wheels we produce are made by hand. This allows us to adjust the tension with an accuracy of 5%. This is a result that is impossible to achieve in wheels that are manufactured automatically on a large scale.

Shipping within 14 days



Dedicated bicycle wheel kits are shipped to our customers within 14 business days of order placement. We ship our products in specially prepared safe cardboard boxes. We reduce our environmental impact by using paper tape and avoiding plastic materials as much as possible.

Our customers’ feedback

I ordered a set of bicycle wheels with increased weight capacity. For this, I asked to order additional items. Complete professional. The bike wheels were centred superbly and everything fitted without any problems and ahead of schedule. A company worth recommending. Highly recommended.
Andrzej Kalla
I have already assembled two sets of wheels and I am mega satisfied. From the very beginning, full professionalism – advising the right components, fast implementation and good price. Highly recommended :)
Wojtek Płonka

Very good bike service. Great knowledge and experience of the staff. I assembled my wheels at the service with my own parts, after many thousands of km nothing happens to them :) Recently the service technician solved the problem with ratchet, I recommend!

Jacek K

I can only recommend.
I ordered new wheels for my cyclocross bike, not only did I get expert advice that allowed me to choose cool wheels, but also quick turnaround with suggestions for multiple options.
There was interest from Szobak Bike at the completion stage as well, so that I knew exactly what was happening and when I would receive my new wheels.
Just great :)

Krzysztof Tuta

All concrete and professional. Wheels matched to the customer you call, talk and enjoy the bike.

Sławomir Tomkiewicz

100% satisfaction with the contact and the ordered gravel wheels. Good advice and fast delivery and price are some of the most important aspects for me. I would recommend to any bike geek!!!

Przemysław Kufit

I found the guys on the internet and ordered the wheels. The wheels came quickly, everything was put together very well. They spin beautifully.

Mam Korbę
I took the road wheel back for spoke replacement and true. Fast, efficient and well executed. Highly recommended

Maximum customization of bicycle wheels

Sets of bicycle wheels, coming out from SzobakBike assembly plant are made to individual order of each customer.

Configure your own set


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