Cross Country (XC) Wheels

Cross country (XC) wheels are a dedicated and narrow category of carefully designed and braided wheels for Cross country (XC) mountain bikes.

Due to the special characteristics of the terrain, riding style and intended use of XC bikes, the proposed wheelsets available in our SzobakBike offer are designed for disc brakes. This market segment has now moved away completely from V-Brake wheels.

Our lightweight Cross Country wheelsets are assembled on proven, stiff and very strong aluminium rims from the renowned and world-famous ?? Swiss company DT Swiss. It is a brand that has been in the market since 1994. We also use asymmetric rims, which are a new and important bicycle invention that increase the strength and stiffness of the wheels.

Our current Cross country wheelsets use Novatec and DT Swiss hubs, while our spokes and nipples are made by Pillar.

The parts we use in building bicycle wheels for Cross country bikes are the result of many years of experience in the bicycle market and of testing countless parts from various companies.

It’s also about talking to our customers and riders every day and analysing their experience and opinions on individual components. This is the experience gained from recreational riding, training and racing of various classes. This ensures that the Cross country wheels coming out of our assembly plant are of the highest quality.

Cross country wheels and their professional custom building is one of our flagship products alongside other product categories.

What’s more, it’s worth remembering that lightweight Cross Country wheels are a very important part of racing bikes or competing in bike marathons, where every gram of bike weight counts. So Cross Country DT Swiss 29 wheels are a good and proven solution in such cases.

The market for bicycles (Cross-country) is now moving permanently towards 29-inch wheels, and this is now the standard in the offerings of most manufacturers and shops. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of the market, we decide to bet on bicycle wheels in the size of 29 inches.

Cross Country (XC) Wheels

Dedicated sets of wheels for Cross Country bikes from SzobakBike factory