Gravel Wheels 700C / 28"

Gravel wheels is a category of carefully designed and built wheels for gravel bikes.

Due to the specific ride and purpose of gravel bikes, the proposed 700c gravel wheels available from our SzobakBike factory are designed for disc brakes.

Our lightweight gravel sets are assembled on proven, stiff and very durable aluminum rims from the proven and world-renowned ?? Swiss company DT Swiss. It is a brand that has been in the market since 1994.

The 28″ gravel wheels we offer so far use hubs from Novatec and DT Swiss, while the spokes and nipples we use are from Pillar and Sapim.

The parts we use in assembling wheels for 28 inch bikes are the result of years of experience in the bicycle market and of testing countless parts from various companies.

It also includes daily conversations with our customers and analysis of their experience and opinions on individual components. Thanks to this the bicycle wheels coming out of our assembly plant are of the highest quality.

Customers who order 700C gravel wheels from our factory later use them for touring as well as for competing and racing in top class gravel marathons.

Bicycle wheels and their professional custom braiding is one of our flagship products.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that lightweight gravel sets are a very important part of touring bikes, where every gram of bike weight and luggage counts. So DT Swiss wheels are a good and proven solution in such cases.

Our customers use our gravel wheels not only for daily riding, training and touring, but also for racing in events such as gravel ultramarathons. Among them there are such events as:

  • Wisła 1200
  • Pomorska 500
  • Carpatia Divide
  • Great Lakes Gravel
  • Galicja Gravel Race
  • Pyra Trail
  • Coffee Wanoga
  • Poland Gravel Race
  • Sudovia Gravel
  • Zachód 800
  • Bałtyk-Bieszczady Gravel Tour
  • Wschód 1000
  • And many other races

Gravel Wheels – FAQ

What are gravel wheels?2021-12-31T19:58:56+02:00

Almost all gravel wheels are suitable for disc brakes and tubeless kits. The inner width of the rim oscillates between road wheels and MTB wheels, usually in the range of 20-25 mm to accommodate wider tyres. Gravel wheels are designed for varied terrain, smooth gravel, gravel or dirt roads, singletrack and asphalt.

How do gravel wheels differ from road wheels?2021-12-31T18:55:57+02:00

The main difference is the inner width of the rim. Gravel wheels are wider than road wheels to better accommodate wider tyres. While most road wheels have an inner rim width in the 17-21mm range, dedicated gravel wheels are usually around 20-25mm. The wheelsets available from built on DT Swiss rims have up to 24mm internal rim width.

How wide should gravel wheels be?2021-06-29T12:01:49+02:00

If you plan to ride both on the road and on a gravel surface, it’s a good idea to choose rim and tyre sizes between 25-50 mm. Therefore, the inner width of the rim should be at least 20 mm. The ideal solution for a 40 mm tyre for gravel roads is to choose rims with an internal width of 21-24 mm.

How much do gravel wheels weigh ?2021-12-31T20:07:49+02:00

The gravel wheel sets from the factory weigh between 1480 and 1980 grams depending on the model and components used. The lightest kit is the DT Swiss R470 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar, while the heaviest is the DT Swiss G540 Novatec 791/792 Pillar.

How many spokes do gravel wheels have?2021-06-28T23:13:12+02:00

The gravel wheel sets available from the manufactory have between 24 and 28 spokes per wheel. However, kits with 32 spokes per wheel can also be found on the market. If you are planning cycling trips, bikepacking and installing bags and panniers, then consider buying wheels with more spokes.

How much do gravel wheels cost?2021-12-31T19:01:25+02:00

The gravel wheels available at the manufactory cost from €273 to €1209.

Gravel Wheels

Dedicated sets of wheels for gravel bikes from SzobakBike factory

Our customers most often order 700C / 28″ gravel wheels from our factory for bikes such as:


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