DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Sapim | Road Endurance Wheels


Available on backorder


Available on backorder

  • Weight – 1490 g – 1580 g
  • Rims – DT Swiss R460
  • Hubs – Novatec 511/522
  • Spokes – Pillar / Sapim (20F/24R)
  • Wheel size – 28″ / 29″ / 700C
  • Rim Height – 23 mm
  • Nipples – Aluminium / Brass
DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Lightweight Aluminum Road Endurance 28" 29" 700C Wheels to Order Warsaw
Front Black hub Novatec NT-AS511SB QR-2SB-20H in lightweight endurance road wheel on DT Swiss R460 700C rim Lublin
DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Aluminum Rear Endurance Road Wheel 28" 29" Braided 24 spoke Pillar

DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Sapim | Endurance Road Wheels – Technical Specification

  • Dedicated set of Endurance Road Bike Wheels in size 28″ / 29″ / 700C we produce on individual order in Polish manufactory in Rzeszow, Poland.
  • The set of Road Bike Wheels we present has 20 spokes in the front wheel and 24 spokes in the rear wheel, which positively affects the low weight of the set with good strength and stiffness.

Rims – DT Swiss R460 28″ / 29″ / 700C

  • We build our Endurance Road Bike Wheels on highly durable and lightweight DT Swiss R 460 rims.
  • The inner width of the DT Swiss R 460 rim is 18mm, which fits typical road tires.
  • The height of the rim cone is 23mm which translates strongly into the stiffness of the wheel and its nice, eye-catching look, but most of all into a very low weight.
DT Swiss R460 28" / 29" / 700C rim for road endurance wheel with 23mm rim height Zielona Góra Szczecin Gdansk
Cross section of DT Swiss R460 28" / 29" / 700C aluminium rim for endurance road wheels Olsztyn Bialystok Gorzow Wielkopolski

Piasty Novatec 511/522

  • DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Sapim endurance road wheels are built on high-quality Novatec 511 (front) / 522 (rear) hubs.
  • We install a standard Shimano HG 11s freehub body ratchet (we also include shims for 9s and 10s). However, it is possible to install a Campagnolo freehub body ratchet.
  • Please note that these hubs are only suitable for bikes with rim brakes, there is no possibility to mount disc brakes here.
Novatec NT-AS511SB QR-2SB-20H black front hub in wheel for road bike DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Zakopane
Novatec NT-FS522SB QR-4SB-SH11s-24H rear hub black wheels for endurance road bike DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar

Front and rear hub axles used

In the presented road wheel set, the hubs have the following axles:

  • Front: 100XQR
  • Rear: 135XQR

Testing and lubrication of endurance road bike wheel hubs DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Sapim

  • Each hub is individually inspected by us after factory installation. We disassemble and then carefully inspect the bearing pressure with a bearing hand press, and correct any factory deficiencies.
  • In hubs, the space between the pressure caps and bearings is thoroughly lubricated, which additionally prevents water and dirt from entering.

Pressure in Endurance Road Wheels DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Sapim

The pressure ranges provided for the endurance road bike wheel set are:

  • 2.8 bar – 7.0 bar under TLR kit,
  • 3.5 bar – 9.0 bar on inner tubes.

Spokes and Nipples in Endurance Road Wheels DT Swiss R460 Novatec 511/522 Pillar Sapim

  • The presented Endurance – wheelset is assembled on Pillar or Sapim brand spokes, which are characterized by high quality steel from which the spokes are made.
  • Depending on the customer’s choice, the weight of the target user and the purpose of their bike, we use and recommend the following spoke options:
    • 2.0/1.6mm up to 95kg,
    • 2.0/1.8mm 95kg plus,
  • The weight limit for wheels is 110 kg.
  • At the buyer’s request we offer tape wrapping of the rims for Tubeless kit preparation.

Additional information

Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 72 × 32 × 72 cm
Hub - Front


Hub - Rear



2.0/1.6MM, 2.0/1.8MM


Aluminium (0,48 gram), Brass (1,3 gram)


Shimano HG, Campagnolo 10, Campagnolo 11

Rim height

23 mm

Number of spokes

20 / 24

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