DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Sapim | MTB-XC wheels


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Out of stock

  • Weight – 1480 g – 1530 g
  • Rims – DT Swiss XR 361 (Asymmetric)
  • Hubs – Novatec D411/D412
  • Spokes – Pillar / Sapim (28F/28R)
  • Wheel size – 29″ / 700C
  • Rim Height – 18 mm
  • Nipples – Aluminium
DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar MTB XC Bike Wheels 29 inch / 700c on Order Rzeszow Warszawa Krakow
DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar MTB XC 29" / 700C front aluminium wheel - the lightweight wheel for MTB and XC bikes
DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Rear Wheel XC MTB 29 inch / 700C | DT Swiss MTB XC Aluminium Bike Wheels

DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Sapim | MTB-XC wheels – Technical Specification

  • Dedicated set of Mountain Bike (MTB) and Cross Country (XC) size 29″ / 700C bicycle wheels we produce on individual order in Polish bicycle wheel manufactory in Rzeszow.
  • A set of very fast racing wheels with high dynamics and low weight suitable for training as well as for MTB marathons and XC races.
  • In the set-up we present both MTB (Mountain Bike) Wheels have 28 spokes each, which is a guarantee of great strength and stiffness while keeping the whole set low and also very attractive in terms of weight.
  • Depending on the spoke variant, the wheels weigh between 1480 and 1530 grams.

DT Swiss XR 361 29″ / 700C asymmetric rims

  • Mountain Bike (MTB) wheels are built on very stiff durable and lightweight asymmetrical rims from DT Swiss XR 361.
  • This is the so-called DT Swiss asymmetrical rim. This means that the centre of the rim cone is not at the central point, but is extended to the side. This procedure provides the wheel with greater strength and stability.
  • The asymmetrical rim means that the previous line into which all the spokes connect has been moved away from the derailleur in the rear wheel and the disc brake in the front wheel. This puts the contact angle of the spokes and rim slightly further away from the previous vertical, while the side without gear or brake is slightly closer to the new vertical. This means that both sides have a similar spoke angle.
  • The inner width of the DT Swiss XR361 rim is 22.5mm, allowing you to fit tyres of many sizes – whether for MTB or XC.
  • The rimheight of the rim is only 18 mm, which saves a lot of weight.
Aluminum rim DT Swiss XR 361 29 inch / 700C for MTB XC wheel DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Wrocław Katowice
Cross-section of DT Swiss XR 361 29" / 700C aluminium asymmetric rim for MTB XC wheel DT Swiss Lublin Tarnow Krakow Zakopane

Novatec D411/D412 hubs

  • MTB and XC DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Sapim wheels are built on high-quality Novatec D411/D412 hubs.
  • We install a standard Shimano HG 11s freehub body ratchet (we also include shims for 9s and 10s).
  • The brake discs on Novatec D411/D412 hubs are mounted with 6 screws. This is the most optimal solution because if the front or rear disc is bent, it is easy to remove with a 5mm Allen wrench or torx t20-25.
Novatec D411CB 28H front hub in wheel for MTB XC DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Tarnobrzeg Jarosław
Novatec D412CB 28H rear hub in wheel for XC MTB DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Szczawnica Szczyrk Wieliczka

Wide choice of front and rear hub axles

We build the DT Swiss 29 MTB (Mountain Bike) / XC (Cross Country) wheel set on axles adapted to our customers’ bikes. Choose from hubs on the following axles:

  • Front: 100XQR | 100X12MM | 100X15MM
  • Rear: 135XQR | 142X12MM

Testing and Lubrication of Hubs on XC – MTB Wheels | DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Sapim

  • Each hub is individually inspected by us after factory installation. We disassemble and inspect the bearing pressure with a bearing hand press and correct any factory deficiencies.
  • In hubs, we lubricate the space between the pressure caps and the bearings, which additionally protects against water and dirt penetration.

Pressure in MTB / XC Wheels – DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Sapim

The pressure ranges provided for the road wheel set are:

  • 2.5 bar – 7.0 bar under TLR kit,
  • 3.0 bar – 8.5 bar on inner tubes.

Spokes and nipples in MTB & XC wheels | DT Swiss XR 361 Novatec D411/D412 Pillar Sapim

  • The presented MTB and XC – wheelset is equipped with Pillar or Sapim brand spokes, which are characterized by high quality steel from which the spokes are made.
  • Depending on the customer’s choice, the weight of the target user and the purpose of their bike, we use and recommend the following spoke options:
    • 2.0/1.6mm up to 95kg,
    • 2.0/1.8mm 95kg plus,
  • The weight limit for wheels is 110 kg.
  • At the buyer’s request we offer tape wrapping of the rims for Tubeless kit preparation.

Additional information

Weight 1,53 kg
Dimensions 72 × 32 × 72 cm
Hub - Front

100XQR, 100X12MM, 100X15MM

Hub - Rear

135XQR, 142X12MM


2.0/1.6MM, 2.0/1.8MM


Aluminium (0,48 gram)

Rim height

18 mm

Number of spokes

28 / 28

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