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  • Weight – 150 g
  • Type – Inner tube
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – 28″ / 700C
  • Width – 23 mm
  • TPI Count – 120/240
  • Pressure – 6-10 bar

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Training 0%
Racing 100%
Durability 40%
Protection 60%
Comfort 60%
Weight 100%
TUFO Calibra Lite 700x23C 23-622 Road Tire 28" Black Weight: 150 g Slick racing tire
TUFO Calibra Lite 700x23C 23-622 Road Tire 28" Black 150 g Triathlon Racing Tire

TUFO Calibra Lite | Technical Specification

Size Weight Pressure TPI
23 mm
150 g 6–10 bar
(90–145 p.s.i.)
120 / 240

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TUFO Calibra Lite tire - cross section 700x23C Time Tire 28" Black 150 g Triathlon slick

TUFO Calibra Lite Tyre | Road Bike Tyre – Application and Description

  • The TUFO Calibra Lite is a road tire designed for time trials and road racing on good surfaces.
  • Despite its very low weight, the tire has good puncture resistance.
  • The smooth tread contributes to low rolling resistance while driving.
  • The tyre is designed for road wheels which are available in our product range.
  • This is a very narrow tire designed for experienced road riders who can technically handle the use of such a product.

Tread – TUFO Calibra Lite Tire

  • The entire tread is characterized by a slick surface.
  • The Calibra Lite tire has very decent grip due to its tread characteristics.
  • Read a review of this and other TUFO road tires on Bikeworld.

Weight – TUFO Calibra Lite Tyre

  • The TUFO Calibra weighs just under 150 grams for a width of 23 mm, which places it in the top group of lightweight tires.
  • Tire manufacturer TUFO declares this to be the maximum tire weight.

Width – TUFO Calibra Lite

  • The tire comes in one variant – 23 mm.

Inner tube

  • The tyre is intended by the TUFO manufacturer to be mounted with inner tubes.

Size – TUFO Calibra Lite Tyre

  • TUFO manufacturer lists Calibra Lite tire sizes in two measurement systems:
    • French 700×23C
    • ERTRO 23-622


  • The road tyre is available in one colour – black.

Recommended pressure ranges – TUFO Calibra Lite

  • In the technical specifications, the tire manufacturer provides recommended pressure ranges in two measurement systems:
    • 700×23C | 6–10 bar (90–145 p.s.i.)
  • Therefore, the user of a bicycle with these tires must evaluate what pressure to choose for a given day’s ride depending on the weight of the rider, the bicycle, the nature of the ride, and the type of ground (dry or wet asphalt).


  • The braid density of the TUFO Calibra Lite is 120/240 TPI – just like the Calibra Kevlar tire.

Additional information

Weight 0,235 kg
Tyre width

23 mm

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