TUFO Gravel Speedero Tyre (700x36C / 700x40C / 700x44C)

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  • Weight – 390 / 430 g
  • Type – Tubeless
  • Colour – Black / Beige
  • Wheel size – 28″ / 29″ / 700C
  • Width – 36 mm / 40 mm / 44 mm
  • TPI Count – 210/375
  • Pressure – 2-5 bar

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Tufo Gravel Speedero Tire 700x40C 40-622 Gravel 28" Tubeless Black Beige 430 grams 210/375 TPI 2-5 bar
TUFO Gravel Speedero Tyre 40-622 700x40C Gravel Tire 28" Tubeless Black 430 grams 210/375 TPI 2-5 bar
Tread in TUFO Gravel Speedero Tire 40-622 700x40C Gravel Tire 28" Tubeless Black Beige 430 grams Brown

TUFO Gravel Speedero | Gravel Tyre – Technical Specification

  • The TUFO Gravel Speedero is an all-round gravel tyre designed for faster and more dynamic riding than the other two gravel tyres from TUFO. According to the manufacturers, it does not matter whether you ride on asphalt, cobblestones, forest paths, sand, grass or gravel.
  • The TUFO Speedero offers dynamic and fast acceleration and is characterised by high grip and safety when cornering. Both on paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • The tyre is designed for gravel wheels, which are available in the offer of our manufactory.
  • The tyre is retractable and takes up little space, making it perfect for cycling trips and backpacking.

Tread – TUFO Gravel Speedero Tyre

  • The TUFO Gravel Speedero Tyre features a wide tread and a flexible Juben layer. It covers the sidewalls of the gravel tyre and protects it from any damage that may be caused by stones and rocks.
  • Under the tread of the tyre there is a layer that resists punctures and contributes to the overall reliability of the tyre.
  • The tyre casing features a high TPI design which, together with a soft tread compound, smooths every surface and effectively prevents the tyre from bouncing on bumps.
  • Both the central and lateral sections of the tread are made up of tightly stacked cubes, ensuring high speed while rolling quietly.
  • The outer part of the tread consists of six parallel rows of rectangular cubes that bite into literally every type of surface.
  • This ensures excellent grip and control, especially when cornering on unpaved surfaces.
  • The gravel tyre’s wide enough tread and the durable, flexible Juben layer that covers the sidewalls protect the tyres from damage caused by rocks and stones.
  • The tyre has a tread pattern that extends all the way to the edges of the tyre for even better cornering grip. It is worth noting that this extreme tread is much more aggressive than that found on the upper part of the tyre.
  • It is not a tyre typically made for heavy, wet muddy conditions. In this case, you will need tyres with a larger and thicker tread block.
  • The TUFO Gravel Speedero is a high mileage tyre with high durability.

Weight – Tufo Gravel Speedero Tyre

  • The Tufo Speedero weighs only 390 grams (36 mm) or 430 grams (40 mm), which is an attractive result when compared to other high-end gravel tyres from other companies of the same size, width and tread density.

Width – Tufo Gravel Speedero Tyre

  • With a tyre width of 36 mm / 40 mm / 44 mm, this is a typical gravel tyre size, ideally suited to most frames and forks on the market.


  • The tyre is intended by the manufacturer to be used on typical Tubeless kits. However, the tyre can also be used freely with inner tubes. In this case, they are installed in the same way as conventional tubed tyres.

Size – Tufo Gravel Speedero tyre

  • The tyre manufacturer provides the sizes in two measurement systems – French (700x44C / 700x40C / 700x36C) and ERTRO (44-622 / 40-622 / 36-622). This means that the tyre is designed for typical bikes with the most popular 28″ wheel size.


  • The Gravel tyre is available in two colour options:
    • Black ⚫️ – classic colour with solid black tyre filling
    • Black/Beige ⚫️ 🟠 – a tyre with black tread and beige side edges, emphasising the gravel character of the bike and wheels.

Recommended pressure ranges

  • In the technical specifications, the tyre manufacturer gives recommended pressure ranges in two measurement systems.
    • 2.0 – 5.0 bar
    • 30 – 70 p.s.i.
  • The user of a bicycle with these tyres must therefore assess what pressure to choose for a given day’s ride depending on the weight of the rider, the bicycle, the luggage, the nature of the ride and the type of ground (asphalt, gravel, gravel, hard-packed earth, mud, etc.).


  • The braid density of TUFO Gravel Speedero Tyre (700x44C / 700x40C / 700x36C) is 210/375 TPI

TUFO Gravel Speedero – Review by bikeshow.cc

  • It is worth noting that in a test conducted by the Polish website Bikeshow.cc, the tyre came in quietly at 2000km without a single puncture.

Additional information

Weight 0,43 kg
Tyre colour

Black, Black – Beige

Tyre width

36 mm, 40 mm, 44 mm

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