Vredestein Aventura Gravel Tyre (700x38C / 700x44C) | Tubeless

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  • Weight – 410 / 450 g
  • Type – Tubeless
  • Colour – Black / Beige
  • Wheel size – 28″ / 29″ / 700C
  • Width – 38 mm / 44 mm
  • TPI Count – 120
  • Pressure 38C – 3-5 bar
  • Pressure 44C – 2,5-4,5 bar

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Vredestein Aventura (700x38C / 700x44C) | Gravel tyre 28" | TUBELESS READY
Vredestein Aventura (700x38C / 700x44C) | Gravel tyre 28" | TUBELESS READY Black
Opona Vredestein Aventura (700x38C / 700x44C) | Opona Gravel 28” | TUBELESS READY

Vredestein Aventura (700x38C / 700x44C) | Gravel Tubeless Tyre – Technical Specification

  • Vredestein Aventura Tubeless is an all-round gravel tyre.
  • The tyre is designed for gravel wheels, which are available in the offer of our manufactory.
  • The tyre is retractable and takes up little space, making it perfect for cycling trips and backpacking.
  • This is a high quality tubeless gravel tyre with optimum protection against punctures.
  • It is made with TriComp Technology, which allows specific rubber compounds to be used where they are most suitable, resulting in tyres with very low rolling resistance and maximum grip in all weather conditions.
  • Vredestein brings its tried and tested TriComp technology to the gravel segment with the Aventura, which has different compounds in the centre and at the edges.
  • Guarantees optimum comfort, durability and protection against punctures.
  • Vredestein has decided to use its proven anti-puncture system, Sportex Protection Layer (SPL), which in combination with the Tubeless Ready (TLR) configuration minimises the risk of punctures.
  • The Tubeless Ready configuration offers reduced rolling resistance, improved comfort and grip, as well as maximum puncture protection.
  • A tyre without an inner tube adapts its shape more easily, improving grip on loose soil and unpaved surfaces.

Tread – Gravel Tyre Vredestein Aventura Tubeless

  • Vredestein Aventura features interconnected central tread blocks for optimum grip and low rolling resistance.
  • Interlocking blocks on the tread edge provide cornering stability and excellent feedback.
  • Triangular blocks are suitable for a wide range of surfaces and guarantee grip on asphalt and gravel roads, and even on grass and loose soil.
  • The tyre is extremely grip on wet and dry surfaces and stable on bends – it has a solid tread.
  • The specially adapted shape of the upper tread with evenly spaced central lug guarantees dynamic, fast and low rolling resistance.
  • The tyre has very good grip and is self-cleaning from mud.
  • Both the central and lateral tread sections of the Vredestein Aventura are made up of evenly spaced knuckles, providing high rolling speed when travelling straight ahead and very good grip on bends.
  • The entire tread of the tyre consists of a kind of cube, which bites into literally every kind of surface, especially wet and muddy ones.
  • This ensures excellent grip and control of the tyre, especially when cornering on unpaved, wet and muddy surfaces.
  • The tyre has a tread pattern that extends all the way to the edges of the tyre for even better cornering grip.
  • It is a tyre designed for all-weather conditions, i.e. all types of asphalt, gravel, mud, soft and wet ground.
  • Vredestein Aventura gravel tyre is a high mileage tyre with high durability.

Weight – Gravel Tyre Vredestein Aventura Tubeless

  • Vredestein Aventura weighs just 410 grams (38 mm) or 450 grams (44 mm), which is an attractive figure compared to other premium gravel tyres from other companies of the same size, width and tread density.

Width – Vredestein Aventura Tyre

  • With a tyre width of 38 mm / 44 mm, this is a typical gravel tyre size, ideally suited to most frames and forks on the market.
  • It is worth noting that tyres with these tread characteristics are usually found on very good cross-country tyres.


  • The tyre is intended by the manufacturer to be used on typical Tubeless kits. However, the tyre can also be used freely with inner tubes. In this case, they are installed in the same way as conventional tubed tyres.

Size – Vredestein Aventura Tyre

  • The tyre manufacturer gives its sizes in two measurement systems – French (700x44C / 700x38C) and ERTRO (44-622 / 38-622). This means that the tyre is designed for typical bikes with the most popular 28″ wheel size.


  • The Gravel tyre is available in two colour options:
    • Black ⚫️ – classic colour with solid black tyre filling
    • Black-Transparent ⚫️🟠 – a tyre with black tread and beige side edges, highlighting the gravel character of the bike and wheels.

Recommended pressure ranges

  • The tyre manufacturer provides recommended pressure ranges for different tyre widths in the technical specifications:
    • 3.0 – 5.0 bar – 38 mm
    • 2.8 – 4.5 bar – 44 mm
  • The user of a bicycle with these tyres must therefore assess what pressure to choose for a given day’s ride depending on the weight of the rider, the bicycle, the luggage, the nature of the ride and the type of ground (asphalt, gravel, gravel, hard-packed earth, mud, etc.).


  • The TPI count of the Vredestein Aventura Tyre (700x44C and 700x38C) is 120
  • The 120 TPI Count ensures lower rolling resistance and comfort in a wide range of conditions.

Additional information

Weight 0,43 kg

Black, Black – Transparent

Tyre width

38 mm, 44 mm


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